Do you have anti-gun Democratic friends who do not seem as 'joyous' as they were after the election of the "Great One"? 

Maybe they're worried about their 'security' at home with the increasing "residential crime" they've been reading about. Also, maybe they realize now that the police can't be everywhere to protect them within seconds. 

Well here's 'good news' for them. Smith & Wesson has just announced a new handgun designed just for the person who is un-familiar with - and possibly afraid of - handguns, yet wants to have adequate home protection: 

The "SW18044L" ('L' signifies 'liberal').. You will note that this handsome, powerful weapon is a "commemorative model" which proudly bears the Democratic "Donkey", & a large capital "D"!

Tell your friends to be sure to get their orders in early, because they will be in high demand!