What Do Muslims Think of Christianity?


WhatDoMuslimsThinkOfChristianityA protest of Muslims in London outside Westminster Cathedral, the primary Catholic cathedral in the United Kingdom in September 2006. Holding signs which read:

May Allah Curse the Pope
Jesus will R[a]ise the Sword of Islam
Islam will Conquer Rome
Jesus will Destroy the Cross
Jesus is the Slave of Allah

Joee Blogs was attending mass in the Cathedral at the time and has the story here.

It's been more than two years since this offensive affront to Catholics and Christians worldwide. Thus far, no reports of Christians beheading Muslims for insulting Jesus or the Pope. No reports of riots, or burning embassies of Muslim nations around the Christian and Catholic world. No reports of dozens of mosques burning. Nothing.

Nope. Nothing more than the realization among some Catholics and Christians that radical Muslims really do mean it when they say their goal is for Islam to dominate the world and all other religions. And they're willing to use violence to advance their cause.